lisaprofileweb-295x300Lisa is the backbone of the Mindful Mamas Wellness Program. She believes that your wellness starts with an optimal functioning digestive system through proper nutrition. Food isour most important medicine, and if addressed first in the healing process will yield incredible results. The Holistic You model looks at the total person, their dietary intake and lifestyle but is supported by many different holistic modalities creating an integrative approach to health and wellness. The model emphasizes addressing spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects of health.

Life is about balance, and achieving the life-balance we all strive for is a challenge. Often the most important facet for our overall health and wellness gets pushed to the side because it seems too difficult, overwhelming and uncontrollable. However, with a preventative plan that allows you to make direct and positive changes in the areas you have control over substantial improvements will be seen.

Many medical conditions can be prevented and controlled. Therefore as a Holistic Health Practitioner Lisa Hicks will work with you and the notion that you can greatly affect your own health. The foundation for optimal health and wellness is being informed and provided with the knowledge and skills to reduce health risks in order to live a healthier lifestyle and become more aware of their impact on the environment. These risk reducing behaviours can dramatically decrease the incidence of preventable disease and chronic conditions.

Our health is dynamic and ever-changing. Lisa seeks to establish a lifelong relationship with her clients, to address their ever-changing needs. This program is for every client and can guide you from where you are today to a state of your best health.

You can read more about Lisa’s services here… . She can offer nutritional counselling by phone or Skype.