Cancellation Policy


I understand that there are times where a student may miss a class due to a variety of reasons, unfortunately there are no refunds for a missed class. There are no make up classes. While Laurel is the primary teacher for all of the classes, there will be substitute teachers on occasion. If there is ever a concern about a sub, please contact Laurel with your concern. If you are unable to complete the session due to a pregnancy related medical reason that will persist for the remainder of your pregnancy (ie. incompetent cervix, pregnancy hypertension, risk of preterm labour, etc), please give a doctor’s note with medical reason and you may be refunded the remainder of the paid session. If there is a concern about missing classes prior to the session beginning and payment being received, please contact Laurel to discuss.


‘Pre-registration’ Classes (includes all Prenatal yoga and Mom and Baby Yoga Classes) We are so grateful for the popularity of our classes.  When you register for any of our classes that require pre-registration (these classes typically run for 6-week sessions), we are reserving a spot for just for you!  As such, there are no refunds offered.

Workshops 1.  If you cancel your participation in a workshop 5 business days or more prior to the workshop date, you will receive a refund minus a 25% administration fee.

2.  If you cancel your participation in a workshop less than 5 business days prior to the workshop date, there are no refunds and no credits.
Some workshops have unique refund policies – please refer to the specific workshop page for those details.

We are pleased to offer our exceptional services to you and we believe that our time together is important. In the event you need to cancel your appointment, you can easily do so online or give us a call or email and we’ll gladly help you out with that. However, if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, or do not show up for your appointment, unless there is a true emergency, you will be asked to pay for your missed appointment in full, prior to booking a future appointment.

Thank  you for your consideration.