Lisa offers Holistic Nutrition advice for moms-to-be and new moms. She can offer this through skype, phone, or in person. All the information is located here 

Holistic Wellness for Fertility, Pregnancy and Postnatal Women

Prenatal Health Care Program 
Your children’s health is determined before conception, at the moment of conception and during embryological development. Both parents health at the time of conception greatly impacts the genetic information they pass on to their children, therefore a six to twelve month treatment plan may be recommended prior to conception.  Following this a prenatal plan will be crafted since the intrauterine environment during pregnancy is key in the health of your children.

Postnatal Health Care Program
The months after your new baby is born are filled with new, exciting and overwhelming emotions.  It can be a challenge to take care of yourself as well as the newest addition.  Having been through it before, we offer unconditional support, energy work, nutritional planning and advice on natural parenting for everything from breast feeding to teething and beyond.

Happy & Healthy Family Program
What better gift can a family give to each other than sharing a healthy life that will provide them with improved quality time and energy to spend together.  This program provides you with the proper foundation to grow as a healthy family together.  It covers what children and adults can do in their home, their kitchen and their environment to remove toxins and make healthy choices.